57 gates

Special thanks to JT the 7th (Papa) for taking these

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Date Palms

Everywhere, date palms. We have, apparently, failed to mention how beautiful and landscaped our town really is. These pictures were taken in July, date season. The grape-like bunches hanging from the trees are dates.

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Around town

In a week, we will have been here 2 years. TWO YEARS that have flown by like Shawarma at Iftar. We can’t say we have loved every minute, but we have now lived here the same amount of time we lived in Kentucky, and longer than we were married in Chicago. JT has lived all but 10 total months of his life here. Will will know this as home. This has become so normal to us, that it took several different guests from the USA to remind us what is unusual around here. Take a look (click a pic to see it bigger)

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Bilkis Al Yemeni

While Nana and Papa Waldo were here, James took us all to a delicious new place to eat. To the untrained eye, this place might look questionable:

IMG_0280But, we knew this place HAD to be great. It had all the signs: mops outside, room for patio tables, cardboard in the windows, arabic signs on the windows, giant air conditioners, and a photo of the livestock we were about to eat on the sign. Win.

We were not disappointed. James ordered some egg thingy, bean thingy, 2 bread thingies, liver thingy, and a chicken thingy. All I know, is that this stuff….tasted….like….FIRE. And a GRILL. and a GRILL TOP. and it was DELICIOUS!

Click a thumbnail to see it bigger–


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Water Play

We don’t need no fancy schmancy pool, or kiddie pool, either.

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We had twins!

Just kidding. We did not have twins. But, it is oh so amusing when friends with babies have the exact same clothes from America all the way over here in the UAE.


JT was saying “I wike ewe. I wike ewe” to both boys while doing this


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Lazy Eating

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Or in this case, the fork. Those of you who know Nicole, can appreciate this photo capturing a moment when JT is acting out the perfect balance of love of food + laziness…his mother is so proud.

Apple Fork

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