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Yas Ship Enterprise

Yas Ship Enterprise, Captain’s Log, Day 20 We were supposed to move today. And we didn’t. Reason: *shrug*. You should know our apartment is almost 2 hours from our hotel, and we have more luggage than will fit in a … Continue reading

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“We’re going dark”

“We’re going dark” is a quote from 24. Jack Bower said that whenever he was undercover, and disconnecting from the world. It meant he would contact home base when he could. They would not be contacting him. We leave the … Continue reading

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Adios to the hotel

All these keys are ours. Every room in our apartment has its own, unique key, of which we got 3 copies. The front door has 3 keys. Not pictured: 1 roof key and 1 main gate key. We have keys … Continue reading

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Laundry Day

One day a week, we try to do a laundry day, between JT’s naps, since we all live in one big room. We’ve adapted our bathtub into a washing machine. It all soaks during JT’s first nap. Then, when we … Continue reading

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First round of homesick

If you know us, you know we like food. We celebrate things with food, take pictures of food, and attach food to lots of our memories. Right now, we are living in a hotel, eating crackers, ramen, cup-o-soup type stuff, … Continue reading

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The life of a Hotelwife

Hey, being a hotelwife is a lot harder than it sounds. I worry about all the same things that regular housewives concern themselves with. Here is a list of random activities/concerns/thoughts I go through in a day: We must make … Continue reading

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JT had Watermelon for the first time this week. We are in the part of eating where we are introducing him to something new every few days. Instead of buying baby food, we are looking around for things around us … Continue reading

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