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the great pink animal

Earlier in October, Nicole hit a major culture shock point, and had to have bacon. HAD to. So, we went on a bacon hunt. Five stores. Lots of Canadian bacon. No “stripey” bacon. These are two photos of one of the … Continue reading

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Bath time

These are some JT bathtub pics from last month. He is 8 months old in these pictures. He loves the bath. Currently, if we walk by the bathroom, and the door is open, he squeals because he thinks he’s getting a … Continue reading

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Driving in our town

Some thoughts on driving We are never ever ever tempted to use our cell phones while driving. We would surely perish. Sometimes, everyone is going the speed limit and driving very safe. Sometimes you get passed by a Porsche SUV … Continue reading

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We had a great blog planned for you. It was going to be all about roundabouts and how intense and awesome they are. But, once it was all written out, it was incredibly boring. So, here’s the more entertaining and shorter version: “Roundabouts put … Continue reading

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Nicole tries formal recipes or new recipes or complicated old recipes about once a week. These usually send us to the grocery store looking for an ingredient we haven’t seen here yet, or are not sure if we can get. … Continue reading

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Cloud seeding

what? That’s right. Cloud seeding. …something about ionization and making it rain when it otherwise would not. They are sure spending a lot of money trying it here. Also, maybe this explains our sudden storms a little bit back? Arabian Business … Continue reading

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Lock up your daughters


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