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Abu Dhabi Beach

December is the perfect time to go to the beach…if you live in the desert. This beach is right on the edge of the city, between Abu Dhabi and a body of water that we will call THE gulf. But … Continue reading

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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

In December, we took a delightful day trip to Abu Dhabi and hit some spots we’ve been meaning to see. The #1 item on our list exceeded our expectations, “The Grand Mosque.” You can read some official info about it … Continue reading

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Overalls are the way to a Mom’s heart

JT can finally fit into this pair of adorable overalls that make him look like a miniature big boy. Translation: The grandparents are going to love these pictures….

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Internationa Falconry Festival

This month, we popped in at the International Falconry Festival right here in our town. Things you need to know: Falcons are the ultimate companion/hunter/pet in the UAE. Etihad airlines even allows falcons in the cabin with their owners. These … Continue reading

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Camel Racing – Part 2

In order to make the early camel races, we had to wake JT up much earlier than usual. This made for a delirious, funny, very photogenic dude. Check it out –

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Camel Racing – Part 1

We finally made it out to a camel race. It was at 7:00 AM on a weekend. The simplicity of the whole thing was refreshing. No announcements. No crowds. No bleachers. No bathrooms. Just sand. Railings. Cars. Camels. And robots. … Continue reading

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Jebel Hafeet

The mountain range near us is the biggest in Abu Dhabi. That makes the main mountain the biggest mountain in the Abu Dhabi emirate. We can see this mountain from our apartment windows on a clear day. At night, the … Continue reading

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