Bilkis Al Yemeni

While Nana and Papa Waldo were here, James took us all to a delicious new place to eat. To the untrained eye, this place might look questionable:

IMG_0280But, we knew this place HAD to be great. It had all the signs: mops outside, room for patio tables, cardboard in the windows, arabic signs on the windows, giant air conditioners, and a photo of the livestock we were about to eat on the sign. Win.

We were not disappointed. James ordered some egg thingy, bean thingy, 2 bread thingies, liver thingy, and a chicken thingy. All I know, is that this stuff….tasted….like….FIRE. And a GRILL. and a GRILL TOP. and it was DELICIOUS!

Click a thumbnail to see it bigger–


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