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Lazy Eating

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Or in this case, the fork. Those of you who know Nicole, can appreciate this photo capturing a moment when JT is acting out the perfect balance of love of food + … Continue reading

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Attempt #1 at this photo shoot. All blurry or us trying to keep JT from squashing Will. Enjoy…

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Mamma Pajama

You visit us, we will beg you to hold the baby so we can sleep. Then, we will take your picture and share it with the world wide web. Seriously, though, isn’t this the sweetest?

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Little Brother Love

We had some visitors recently, and William got some major love.

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JTs 2nd Birthday

We made it another year without stitches. For JT’s second birthday, we completely stole a birthday plan from a friend. We converged on a mall play place (see pictures) and broke for cake using the food court tables. Then, the … Continue reading

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No words

Completely normal day in our house.

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Global Village, Dubai

Global Village is one of the places that has to be done at least once. Admission is only 10 AED ($2.71), and it is only open October – March (the cooler months). We missed it last year, so it had to … Continue reading

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