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Grand Mosque

Nicole’s mom was in, and we just had to see the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi again. This place blows our minds every time. We were able to catch a guided tour this time around, which we highly recommend. Follow … Continue reading

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UAE 41st National Day

National Day is every year on December 2. To help you start preparing for next year, we have included many helpful suggestions on how to fix up your vehicle or home. You can read our blog on last year’s National … Continue reading

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Bull Pushing, Fujairah

Arab bull pushing is pretty fun. You can read about it and see other people’s more awesome pictures HERE. The most exciting parts were when the bulls would get too close to the railing, and we would all have to … Continue reading

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Eid al-Adha 2012

Eid al-Adha was celebrated in October this year. To learn more about this holiday, click on this Wikipedia Link. For this blog, you need to know that for this holiday, traditionally, Muslims sacrifice what we would call livestock (cows, camels, … Continue reading

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Just a typical grocery store display. “Ramadan Kareem” means “Ramadan is generous.” It is the common greeting during the holy season/month of Ramadan. Dates are the most popular way to break your fast at the end of a whole day … Continue reading

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Dates are back!

Dates are back in season (well, they have been for a month, now). This is very exciting for those of us who like these little power packed snacky-doos. James was given a giant bowl of these by a student. They … Continue reading

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Best of British

Best of British = Old El Paso?

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