Attempt #1 at this photo shoot. All blurry or us trying to keep JT from squashing Will. Enjoy…

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Mamma Pajama

You visit us, we will beg you to hold the baby so we can sleep. Then, we will take your picture and share it with the world wide web.

Seriously, though, isn’t this the sweetest?


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Little Brother Love

We had some visitors recently, and William got some major love.


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Grand Mosque

Nicole’s mom was in, and we just had to see the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi again. This place blows our minds every time. We were able to catch a guided tour this time around, which we highly recommend.

Follow this link to see our pictures from the last trip.

Pictures from the April 2013 trip (click a thumbnail to see them bigger)-

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March 2013

Collection of random pictures from March. You will want to click on a thumbnail to see ’em bigger.


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Easter 2013

Easter this year came when William was only 9 days old. I’m proud to say we still made it to church…special thanks to my (Nicole’s) mom for almost single handedly getting the 2 year old out the door on time.

It really doesn't get much better than this

It really doesn’t get much better than this

Easter basketing

Easter basketing

Easter best

Easter best

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JTs 2nd Birthday

We made it another year without stitches.

For JT’s second birthday, we completely stole a birthday plan from a friend. We converged on a mall play place (see pictures) and broke for cake using the food court tables. Then, the kids ran off all the sugar. Done. Easy peezy. Didn’t even have to clean my house.

There is also a really long story involving us not being allowed to use tables (in the land with basically no rules, I find this hilarious). Thus was born the Birthday Trolley (see pics). Thus resulted in us essentially squatting at a sushi place still under construction (this was my Plan E) while a security guard had a near nervous breakdown while we all pretended nothing was wrong and ate cake.   Huge thank you to all the parents who went along with it all and helped us pull it off!

It went pretty well, all things considered. The kids had a blast. The parents were all really good sports. And I’m not even mad anymore about the 100 AED worth of coupons what weren’t accepted.

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